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Translate it into your own language. 1
English is an international language. This language is well-known in the educated-society all over the world. Side by side of the mother tongue, English is very essential in our daily life. If we do not know English, we cannot keep pace with the developed countries of the world. We maintain/conduct international relationship and trade and commerce through English.

 Translate it into your own language. 2
It is the last day of Ashar. The sky is covered with cloud. The rain is about to fall. There is darkness everywhere. The passers-by were looking at the sky again and again.

 Translate it into your own language. 3
It is the month of Ashar. The sky is overcast with clouds. It is drizzling. The roads are filled with mud / full of mud. Boats are plying with sails.

 Translate it into your own language. 4
Man cannot live alone. He wants company/ companion. For this man has been living together for long. None in the society can do whatever he likes. He has to abide by law and order.

 Translate it into your own language. 5
We can now fully realize the importance of learning English. Without the knowledge of English, a country like ours cannot keep pace with the advanced countries. English is the medium of communication in the field of international relations and trade and commerce as well. Most of the books on knowledge and learning are written in English. As such, the more a nation masters in the English language, the more it becomes prosperous.

 Translate it into your own language. 6
The flower is a unique gift of nature. It adds to the beauty of nature. It also adds to human beauty. We use flowers in various ways. So, flower cultivation should be increased.

 Translate it into your own language. 7
Education is the key to prosperity. The more advanced a country in education and culture is, the more prosperous she is in all respects. But education must meet the demand of the age and it and it must be of required standard. Unfortunately, our education is neither befitting to the age nor to the high standard. We cannot keep pace with the other countries if we fail to upgrade the standard of our education.

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