omparison of adjective , English Second Paper » Comparison of Adjective | Positive, Comparative & Superlative | Model Test With Answer
1. Runa is as tall as Bristi. (Make it Comparative) 
2. She is better than any other girl in the class (Make it superlative)
3. This book is finer than yours. (Make it positive)
4. He is taller than any other boy in the class. (Positive degree)
5. Gold is one of the most precious metals. (Comparative)
6. Chittagong is the biggest sea-port-in Bangladesh. (Comparative)
7. Akbar was the greatest king of India. (Comparative)
8. Dhaka is the greatest city in Bangladesh. (Make it positive)
9. Bhutan is one of the smallest states in Asia. (Comparative)
10. Calcutta is bigger than most other cities in India. (Positive)

1. Bristi is not taller than Runa.
2. She is the best girl in the class.
3. Your book is not as fine as this one.
4. No other boy is as tall as he in the class.
5. Few metals are most precious than gold.
6. Chittagong is bigger than any other sea-port in Bangladesh.
7. Akbar was greater than any other king of India.
8. No other city in Bangladesh is as great as Dhaka.
9. Bhutan is smaller than most other states in Asia.
10. Very few cities in India are as big as Calcutta.

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