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Model Test No. 1
(a) He is not ––––– intelligent as you.
(b) People consider him –––––.
(c) Some people are honest ––––– others are not.
(d) Would you mind ––––– the door?
(e) Open ––––– page 50.
(f) Charity ––––– at home.
(g) Man proposes but God –––––.
Answer : (a) as  (b) captain (c) but (d) opening (e) at (f) begins, (g) disposes.

Model Test No. 2
(a) Hurry up ––––– you will be late.
(b) I am not used to ––––– lies.
(c) ––––– is the mother of invention.
(d) ––––– his riches, he leads a simple life.
(e) Sin ––––– sin.
(f) Listen to ––––– I say.
(g) Everybody likes to ––––– praised.
Answer : (a) or, (b) telling, (c) Necessity, (d) In spite of, (e) begets, (f) what, (g) be.

Model Test No. 3
(a) You cannot ––––– doing the work.
(b) ––––– vessels sound much.
(c) A ––––– man catches at a straw.
(d)  Oil is thicker ––––– water.
(e) To ––––– is human.
(f) He ran fast lest he ––––– miss the train.
(g) I would ––––– starve than beg.
Answer :  (a) help, (b) Empty, (c) drowning, (d) than, (e) err, (f) should, (g) rather.

Model Test No. 4
(a) The house is too costly ––––– me to buy.
(b) Two years have passed ––––– I saw him.
(c) Barking dogs ––––– bite.
(d) All that glitters ––––– not gold.
(e) Necessity is the mother of–––––.
(f) Smoking ––––– on our health.
(g) ––––– there is life, there is hope.
Answer : (a) for, (b) since, (c) seldom, (d) is, (e) invention, (f) tells, (g) Where.

Model Test No. 5
(a) The sooner, ––––– better.
(b) I can’t help ––––– this.
(c) She spoke English ––––– the English.
(d) They found the sum –––––
(e) It is no good ––––– him for help.
(f) Try to follow –––––I say.
(g) A drowning man catches ––––– a straw.
Answer :  (a) the, (b) doing, (c) like, (d) difficult/easy, (e) asking, (f) what, (g) at.

Model Test No. 6
(a) Sweet ––––– the fruits of adversity.
(b) What do children ––––– most?
(c) Read diligently lest –––––.
(d) A railway station is the place –––– .
(e) Many farmers are so poor that they cannot keep ––––– together.
(f) Empty vessels ––––– much.
(g) He behaved as if he ––––– a fool.
Answer : (a) are, (b) like, (c) you should fail in the examination. (d) where train stops, (e) body and soul, (f) sound, (g) had been / were.

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