Voice Change | Model Test With Answer | Question No. 01 to 10

Model Test No. 01 : Active Voice => Passive Voice
 I am eating rice. => Rice is being eaten by me.
 I was doing the work. => The work was being done by me.
 I can write the letter. => The letter can be written by me.
 He teaches us English. => We are taught English by him. / English is thought us by him.

Model Test No. 02 : Active Voice =>Passive Voice
I play football. => Football is played by me.
I ate rice. => Rice was eaten by me.
I shall buy a market. => A market will be bought by me.
I am catching a fish. => Fish is being caught by me.
He was doing the work. => The work was being done by him.
They will be playing football. => Football will be being played by them.

Model Test No. 03 : Active Voice => Passive Voice
Write the letter. => Let the letter be written.
Let me do the sum. => Let the sum be done by me.
Don’t drive the car. => Let not the car be drived.
Please, give me a glass of milk. => You are requested to give me glass of milk.

Model Test No. 04 : Active Voice => Passive Voice
May Allah help you. => May you be helped by Allah.
May Allah bless you. => May you be blessed by Allah.

Model Test No. 05 : Active Voice => Passive Voice
He Killed himself. => He was killed by himself.
I had written the letter. => The letter had been written by me.
He will have read the book. => The book will have been read by him.
They are playing football in the field. => Football is being Played in the field by them.

Model Test No. 06 : Active Voice => Passive Voice
We can do it. => It can be done by us.
She may help you. => You may be helped by her.
He is going to the build the building. => The building is going to be built by him.
You have to do the work. => The work has to be done by you.
You must obey your parents. => Your Parents must be obeyed by you.

Model Test No. 07 : Active Voice => Passive Voice
Is he catching fish? => Is fish being caught by him?
Did he play football? => Was football played by him?
Why did he buy the shirt? => Why was the shirt bought by him?
When has Thoufika finished the work? => When has the work been finished by Thoufika?
Who opened the door? => By whom was the door be opened?
Whom do you want now? => Who is wanted now by you?

Model Test No. 08 : Active Voice => Passive Voice
I know the man. => The man is known to me.
He annoyed me. => I was annoyed with/at him.

Model Test No. 09 : Active => Passive
(a) The mango tastes sour. => (a) The mango is sour when it is tasted.
(b) The rose smells sweet. => (b) The rose is sweet when it is smelt.
(c) The bed feels soft. => (c) The bed is soft when it is felt.

Model Test No. 10 : Active => Passive
(a) The cows are milking. => (a) The cows are being milked.
(b) The book is printing. => (b) The book is being printed.

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