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Model Test No. 1
(a) They, start, the, morning, in, will, early.
(b) Wrong, he, that, he, did, knew.
(c) The, questions, to, enough, clever, was, he, understand.
(d) is, teacher, Mr. Moin, exceptional, an, college, the, in.
(e) he, me, the, picture, showed, real.

(a) They will start early in the morning.
(b) He knew that he did wrong.
(c) He was clever enough to understand the question.
(d) Mr. Moin is an exceptional teacher in the college.
(e) He showed me the real picture.

Model Test No. 2
(a) most like of fruits all apples the I.
(b) many in spent years Canada he.
(c) is brief the in narrated story.
(d) I, I abroad English so am studying that go may.
(e) some to wanted I chocolates buy.
(f) letter worte buy to books Shova to father her a.
(g) last boy Monday the has since suffering been.

(a) I like apples most of all the fruits.
(b) He spent in Canada many years.
(c) The story is narrated in brief.
(d) I am studing English so that I may go abroad.
(e) I wanted to buy some chocolates.
(f) Shova wrote a letter to her father to buy books.
(g) The boy has been suffering since last Monday.

Model Test No. 3
(a) Good, vegetables, for, green, are, health.
(b) Prevent, trees, floods, and, drought.
(c) Is, habit, excellent, reading, and, books.
(d)  Duties, not, we, neglect, should, our.
(e) The, blessings, we, of, enjoy, science.

(a) Green vegetables are good for health.
(b) Trees prevent floods and drought.
(c) Reading books is an excelleat habit.
(d) We should not neglect our duties.
(e) We enjoy the blessings of science.

Model Test No. 4
(a) Country in there our six are seasons
(b) One them winter is of
(c) Season it is mist the and of cold
(d)  Cold morning is misty so a winter and
(e) Fog is there dense everywhere

(a) There are six seasons in our country.
(b) One of them is winter.
(c) It is the season of cold and mist.
(d) So a winter morning is cold and misty.
(e) There is dense fog everywhere.

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