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Model Test No.1
(a) Rina said to Bina, “Can I take your pen?”
(b) She said, “Honesty is the best policy.
(c) He said to me, “Why are you playing now?”
(d) Rima said, “I bought a book yesterday.”
(e) The manager said to the servant, “Clean the floor.”

Model Test No.2
(a) He said to me,“You have done your work.”
(b) Abir says, “I can help you.”
(c) Arif said to me, “Do you want my help?”
(d) Mother said to me,“Do not run in the sun.”
(e) They said to me, “Let us decide the matter ourselves.”

Model Test No.3
(a) Father said to me, “You’re idling away your time.”
(b) You said to me, “Why do you always keep bad company.”
(c) He said to me, “That’s a good idea.”
(d) He will say, “I shall do the work tomorrow.”
(e) My friend said to me, “I am very sorry to hear about your illness.”

Model Test No.4
(a) He said to me, “I went to my village yesterday.”
(b) He said to his friend, “Do you like to read novels?”
(c) He said to kamal, “I lent him my English book.”
(d) He says to me, “I shall help you.”
(e) Joy said to Mina, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

Model Test No.5
(a) Laila said to Rana, “I shall come here again tomorrow.”
(b) He said to me, “You may stay here.”
(c) He said to me, “We should do our duty.”
(d) Rana will say, “He writes a letter.”
(e) Rana said to Bina, “I could meet you tomorrow.”

Model Test No.6
(a) The doctor said to me, “Follow the rules of health.”
(b) I said to them, “Who broke the glass?”
(c) Mother said to me, “May Allah bless you.”
(d) Shaheen said to me, “Were you absent from class yesterday?”
(e) The Mayor said to the piper, “You may go now.”

Model Test No.7
(a) Father said to his son, “Slow and stead wins the race.”
(b) Nasima said to me, “Are you my friend?”
(c) The teacher said, “The earth moves round the sun.”
(d) Rani said, “I like to wear clean dress.”
(e) Father said to his son, “Learn to be honest from your boyhood.”

Model Test No.8
(a) I said to him, “What will you do after your JSC examination?”
(b) He said to me, “I must write a letter to you.”
(c) Father says to her daughter, “I shall send you to the university.”
(d) He said to me, “Where do you live?”
(e) I said to him, “Good morning.”

Answer the question no. 01 to 08
Model Test No.1
(a) Rina asked Bina if she (Rina) could take her (Bina) pen.
(b) She said that honesty is the best policy.
(c) He asked me why I was playing then.
(d) Rima said that he had bought a book the previous day.
(e) The manager ordered the servant to clean the floor.

Model Test No.2
(a) He told me that I had done my work.
(b) Abir says that he can help me.
(c) Arif asked me if I wanted his help.
(d) Mother ordered/requested me not to run in the sun.
(e) They proposed me that they should decide the matter themselves.

Model Test No.3
(a) Father told me that I was idling away my time.
(b) You asked me why I always kept bad company.
(c) He told me that that was good idea.
(d) He will say that he will do the work the next day.
(e) My friend told one that he was very sorry to hear about my illness.

Model Test No.4
(a) He told me that he had gone to his village the previous day.
(b) He asked his friend if he (friend) liked to read novels.
(c) He told kamal that he had lent him his English book.
(d) He tells me that he will help me.
(e) Joy told Mina that practice makes a man perfect.

Model Test No.5
 (a) Laila told Rana that she (Laila) would come there again the next day.
(b) He told me that I might stay there.
(c) He told me that they should do their duty.
(d) Rana will say that he writes a letter.
(e) Rana told Bina that she (Rana) could meet her (Bina) the next day.

Model Test No.6
(a) The doctor requested me to follow the rules of health.
(b) I asked them who had broken the glass.
(c) Mother prayed me that Allah might bless me.
(d) Shaheen asked me if I had been absent from class the previous day.
(e) The Mayor told the piper that he (piper) might go then.      

Model Test No.7
(a) Father told his son that slow and stead wins the race.
(b) Nasima asked me if I was her (Nasima/N) friend.
(c) The teacher said that the earth moves round the sun.
(d) Rani said that she (R) liked to wear clean dress.
(e) Father advised his son to learn to be honest from his (son) boyhood.

Model Test No.8
(a) I asked him what he would do after his JSC examination.
(b) He told me that he had to write a letter to me.       
(c) Father tells her daughter that he (father) whould send her (daughter) to the university.
(d) He asked me where I lived.  
(e) I said to him bade good morning.

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