Adverb , English Second Paper » Use of Adverbs | Model Test Question
1. I shall return soon.         
2. He always helped me.             
3. I rise early in the morning.
4. He will come late.         
5. The cow gives us milk daily.
6. He will never return my book.          
7. I shall go to Dhaka tomorrow.
8. Come here.                  
9. The thief ran away.   
10. Ther is a garden near our class.
11. Kamal went inside.    
12. Kamal went out.    
13. Dhaka is far from Khulna.
14. Hills are not found everywhere.                      
15. There is a pen under the table.
16. The baby walks slowly.                        
17. He can run quickly.
18. Wind blows gently in the morning.      
19. He accepted my request gladly.
20. His sister sings sweetly.                       
21. I could not understand it clearly.
22. Earn much for future.                   
23. Spend less for bright future.
24. He hardly comes to me.               
25. I drink enough water in the morning.
26. Muhammad Ali is very strong.    
27. The old man is too weak to walk.
28. I do not know why he does not come to me. 
29. I, therefore, hope that you will grant my prayer.
30. I was weak, so I could not go to Cox’s Bazar.
31. Yes, you are right.
32. No, you are worng.
33. Surely he has stolen my watch.                
34. Really, he is a partriot.
35. Yes, you may go.                                     
36. No, he is not a liar.
37. I usually get up at 7 o’clock.        
38. He sometimes goes to cinema.
39. He may go there again.                
40. I don’t usually take tea.
41. Before starting, we should think first.    
42. Secondly it is very expensive. 
43. Finally he went to the meeting.              
44. Lastly we arranged a picnic.
45. There is a book on the table.                
46. Here is your pen.
47. Luckily we won the game.
48. Unfortunately he failed in the examination.

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