WH Questions | Model Test With Answer

Model Test No: 01
(a) I feel feverish today.
(b) He went to the airport to receive his friend.
(c) The seminar was held in Chittagong.
(d) She offered Liza a cup of tea.
(e) My father visits me now and then.
(f) It is half past eleven.

(a) How do you feel today?
(b) Why did he go to the airport?
(c) Where was the seminar held?
(d) What did she offer to Liza?
(e) How often does your father visit you?
(f) What is the time now? Or what time is it now?

Model Test No: 02
(a) Rajshahi is famous for silk.
(b) She has been waiting for three hours.
(c) We went home to enjoy Eid.
(d) London is 120 km away from Rajbari.
(e) No one can escape death.
(f) He goes to office on foot.
(g) The French Revolution took place in 1789.

(a) What is Rajshahi famous for?
(b) How long has she been waiting?
(c) Why did he go home?
(d) How far is London from Rajbari?
(e) Who can escape death?
(f) How does he go to office?
(g) Which year did the French Revolution take place?
Or, when did the French Revolution take place?

Model Test No: 03
(a) Practice makes a man perfect.
(b) I have been waiting here for three hours.
(c) He visits my house twice a week.
(d) She comes from Khulna.
(e) The bank closes at 5 p.m.
(f) We respect him for his honesty.
(g) This book belongs to my elder brother.

(a) What makes a man perfect?
(b) How long have you been waiting here?
(c) How often does he visit your house?
(d) Where does she come from?
(e) When does the bank close?
(f) Why do you respect him?
(g) Whom does this book belong to?

Model Test No: 04
(a) I want to talk to Mr. Tawhid.
(b) The girl looks like a rose.
(c) Everybody hates a liar.
(d) Our college was built in 1956.
(e) Charity begins at home.
(f) Her elder sister is a magistrate.
(g) He lifted the box carefully.

(a) Whom do you want to talk?
(b) How does the girl look?
(c) Whom does everybody hate?
(d) When was your college built?
(e) Where does charity begin?
(f) What is her elder sister?
(g) How did he lift the box?

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