Dhaka Board
Junior School Certificate Examination
English First Paper
Time: 3 Hours     Full Marks – 100
[N.B. The Figures in the right margin indicate full marks.]

Section A – Reading Test (Seen Passage)
Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions 1, 2 and 3:
River gypsies in Bangladesh are having various problems. First, Bangladesh is getting urbanized very rapidly. Gypsy people are losing their customers in urban population. Hence, their income is threatened. Secondly, 24,000 kilometers of previous water ways has shrunk into only 6,000 kilometers in the country in dry seasons. Scientists believe that Bangladesh will be worst affected by global climate change. The unpredictable rain and drying out of rivers have made boat movement heavily restricted. Thirdly, many river gypsies are changing their lifestyle in the context of changed reality. They are thinking of living permanently on land. The authority feels that river gypsies need help to survive in the mainstream population. Therefore, the government is offering voting rights, permanent housing and bank loan facilities. However, change do not come overnight.

Traditionally, river gypsies are used to water life. They have inherited from their forefathers’ necessary life skills to survive in waters. They have no education and training to adapt to mainstream modern society. So the authority feels the need to bring them under formal education network. But they have no permanent living place. Gypsy children are born and brought up on roaming boats. Therefore, they cannot go to conventional schools. And hence, mobile boat-schools are coming up for gypsy children. Some voluntary organizations are running special schools on boats to educate river gypsy children in some areas.

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives: 1x5=5
a) River gypsies live in ...............
i) fixed
ii) brick built house
iii) roaming boats
iv) the hut

b) Global climate change .................
i) has a great effect on gypsy people.
ii) has developed the life style of gypsy people.
iii) has restricted the gypsy people to add with mainstream population.
iv) has no effect on gypsy people to lead their life.

c) Many river gypsies are changing their life style because ..............
i) they are unwilling to live in roaming boats.
ii) they have accepted the changed reality.
iii) they have no education.
iv) they are wondering people.

d) The word ‘Gypsy’ means......
i) nomad
ii) aborigine
iii) fortune teller
iv) gymnast

e) Why can’t gypsy children go to conventional school?
i) For not having specific address
ii) For not having any conventional school.
iii) For not having any chance of getting admission into a conventional school.

2. Write short answer to the following questions: 2x5=10

a) Where are gypsy children born and brought up?
b) Who have come forward to educate gypsy children?
c) Why can’t the gypsy people come to the mainstream of population?
d) How does global climate change affect Bangladesh?
e) What does the authority feel about gypsy people?

3. Read the text in ‘A’ again. Now, write the summery of it around 60 words. 10

Reading Test (Unseen Passage)
Read the following text carefully and answer the questions 4 and 5:
Smoking is very bad habit. It has no positive side at all. It is very harmful to health. It damages the human organs gradually. A large number of people of our country are habituated to smoking. Smoking is the primary step of taking drugs. Smoking causes different types of diseases like heart disease, blood pressure, liver cancer, breathing pain and many other diseases. It leads a man to death. A non-smoker lives a longer life than a smoker. A smoker is disliked by many people. Smoking also pollutes the environment. It causes air pollution. The smokers seriously disturb the women and children. A smoker has to spend much for smoking. The smell of the cigarettes is very disturbing and painful for the non-smokers. Many smokers believe that smoking is a fashion and it makes them smart. It is totally their false impression rather it weakens their dignity and personality. Smoking is not only harmful to the smokers but also harmful to the non-smokers. So, awareness should be created among the people especially the young generation about the dangers of smoking. The production of cigarettes should be banned.

4. Complete the following table with the information given in the above passage: 1x5=5

Description/The name of the events
Life long smoking leads a man to

is a bad habit.

A non-smoker
Smoking creates
to health
Smoking brings

5. Read the passage again and write true or false beside the statements. If the answer is false, give the correct information: 1x5=5
a) Smoking is not suitable for human body.
b) A non-smoker can lead a longer life than a chain-smoker.
c) Smoking causes many incurable diseases.
d) Men and women like smoking very cordially.
e) The smokers think that smoking makes a man smart and fashionable.

6. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words: 1x5=5
Man cannot live (a)--------------. He always (b)--------------- for others companions. Man is a (c)--------------- being. As a part of his society he has to do many (d)------------- activities. Without (e)------------ his companions help, he is unable to build up a successful society.

7. Rearrange the following sentence in correct order: 1x10=10
a) He became a clever sailor in a few years.
b) He ran away from home one day.
c) His father did not want that he should go to sea.
d) Robinson Crusoe was born in England.
e) His wanted him to study law.
f) It drove the ship on to a sand bank.
g) Once a storm arose in one of the voyages.
h) Crusoe did not like the idea.
i) He wanted to be a sailor from his boyhood.
j) He became a cabin boy on a sailing ship.

8. Fill in the gaps using clues from the boxes. There are more words than necessary.

A rainy day is (a)-------------- and gloomy. In this day, it (b)------------- all day long. (c)------- cannot come out (d)----------- their home. The roads become (e)-------------- and slippery. Sometime, the sun is not seen in (f)------------ sky. It brings (g)---------- for the poor and day (h)------------. They have to stay (i)---------------- their houses. As a result, they are to (j)--------- in a rainy day.

9. The phrases in column A are the beginnings of some sentences. The Phrases in column B are the endings. Match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B to make complete sentences: 1x5=5

Column A
Column B
      (a) Education
     (i) by which one can change his behavior.
(b) Without education
(ii) for both men and women.
(c) Education should be ensure
(iii) is the back bone of a nation.
(d) It is a process
(iv) no nation can prosper.
(e) A educated man
(v) can never deprive a man or woman.

Section B: Writing Test (Marks – 40)
10. Suppose, you are Rana/Rina. Your friend is Masud/Masuda. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about “The Importance of Learning English.” 10

11. Write a paragraph on “Tree Plantation” by answering the following questions: 10
a) What is tree plantation? b) How does tree help us? c) What impact does tree have on climate? d) Why is tree plantation important? e) What will happen if there is no tree?

12. Read the beginning of the story. Now complete it in your own way: 10
Once there was cowboy. He was very wicked. He used to befool others by telling lies with people and....................

13. Suppose, you are Nahid/Nahida living at college road, Chittagong. Your friend Amin/Amina living at Courtbari, Bihar Road, Comilla, wants to know about your preparation for the JSC examination 2017. Now, write a letter to your friend describing him about your preparation for the JSC Examination. 10
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