SSC Test Paper English II | Govt. Laboratory High School, Dhaka


Govt. Laboratory High School, Dhaka

Test Examination; English : Paper II


Part A : Grammar (40 Marks)

1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tenses. Use negatives where necessary. 1x5=5








In recent years all British Universities (a) —— the semester system. A semester is a period of time which (b) —— for half the academic year. Semester 1, for example, starts in September and finishes in January. Previously, the academic year (c) —— into three terms; autumn, winter and  spring. Most courses consist of modules which last for one semester and exams (d) —— at the end of each. Britain began (e) —— semesters to make it easier for international students to move from one country to another.

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. 1x5=5

The evening arrived; the boys took their places. The master (a) —— his cook’s uniform, stationed himself (b) —— the copper; his pauper assistants arranged themselves (c) —— him; the gruel was served out; and a long grace was said. The gruel disappeared; the boys whispered (d) —— each other, and winked (e) —— Oliver, while his next neighbours nudged him.

3. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (x) where an article is not needed. 0.5x10=5

      Dowry means property or money brought by a bride to her (a) —— husband. During marriage ceremony (b) —— section of greedy people claim much wealth or money from (c) —— guardians of (d) —— brides. (e) —— poor illiterate girls usually become (f) —— victims of dowry. If (g) —— guardians fail to accomplish (h) —— demand of (i) —— bridegrooms, the brides are ill-treated. So, the poor cannot think of marriage of their daughters. It is (j) —— special curse. We all have to stand against this social evil.

4. Fill in the gaps with suitable phrases and idioms from the following list.   5

right and left

nine days wonder

of the first water

ram into

over head and ears

rule out

tell upon


(a)  Less sleep at last —— her health.

(b)  His achievement will remain a —— to escape arrest.

(c)  The snatcher ran —— to escape arrest.

(d)  He is in love with Mina ——.

(e)  We cannot —— the possibility of failure in Cadet College.

5. Rewrite the following in the reported speech. 1x5=5

“Did Dr Dunbar sew may nose once again?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said.

“Will it stay on?”

“He says, It will. How do you feel my darling?”

“Sick,” I said.

“Look under your pillow,” my mother said smiling.

6. Read the following passage and transform the underlined sentences as directed in the brackets. 1x5=5

      (a) A poor woman is the worst sufferer in our country. (Positive) (b) She cannot work independently without taking  help of others. (Compound) (c) She depends on pity of the people of the society. (Complex) (d) She leads a very wretched life. (Exclamatory) The father took the female child to be his a burden, (e) but Allah granted them equal civil rights. (Passive)

7. Add tag questions to the following sentences. 1x5=5

(a) I am right, ——?

(b) Let’s walk to the shore, ——?

(c) Nobody cared for the child, ——?

(d) Your luck has let down you this time, ——?

(e) She never wastes her any moment, ——?

8. Complete the following sentences. 1´5=5

(a) As soon as he heard the news ——

(b) The boy hid behind the bush lest, ——

(c) Had we met earlier, ——

(d) ——, you learned your lessons.

(e) —— was not known to me.

Part B : Composition (60 Marks)

9. Write a paragraph on “Our School Magazine”. Your answer should include the answers to the following questions.  10

      (a) What is called a school magazine? (b) Who publishes this? (c) What is the name of it? (d) Who are included in the committee? (e) Who write in it? (f) How can it help the students?

10. Suppose, you are Mazhar of the village Deyana, Upazilla-Daulatpur, District-Khulna. Recently a severe flood has affected the village seriously. People are suffering the aftermath of the flood. They need immediate help. Now write an application to the Deputy Commissioner of your district for relief and medical aid for the affected people. 10

11. Write a short composition on any one of the following topics in about 200 words. 15

      (a) The Season You Like Most (b) Science in Everyday Life.

12. Suppose, you are Rana and you are an SSC candidate. Regular traffic congestion has got on your nerves nowadays. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Sabbir about how this traffic blockage has been interrupting your normal way of life. 10

Or, Write the summary of the following passage and a suitable title.              

      Sincerity is the root of success of all works. One can go a long way if one does anything with sincerity. The people who are sincere to their work are capable of making anything a success. The great men are sincere because they know that sincerity is the key to success. Those who do not follow the rules of sincerity can never prosper in life. The people who are not sincere always lag behind. If they do not know the benefit of sincerity, they cannot make a good use of it. Sincerity is the tonic to any work because it helps the work to be done properly. If any work is not done properly, one will never get good output from it. So we should be sincere in every walk of life. Sincerity does not mean only to do any work properly. It also means dutifulness, honesty and modesty.

13. Read the beginning of the following story and complete it in your own way. Give a suitable title to it. 15

      One day two cats found a piece of bread somewhere. Each of them wanted to have the larger share of it. They began wrangling. They could not decide how to deal out with that piece of bread. They.................

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