Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on 'A Winter Morning'.

(a) How is the weather on a winter morning? (b) How do people feel? (c) How do they keep them warm? (d) What delicious dishes do we usually have in a winter morning? (e) Do you like a winter morning? Why? (f) How do common people experience it?

A WINTER MORNING | Paragraph for JSC, SSC and HSC


A winter morning is a cold morning of the winter season. Sometimes, it dews. The environment is dull and dismal. It is covered with mist and fog. Everything looks hazy. One can hardly see and identify things at a distance. The animals lose their spirits. They look sullen and distressed. People put on different kinds of warm clothes to protect themselves from cold. The old people and children shiver in cold. They gather straw and make fires at different places to warm themselves in the heat. By and large, people do not feel like leaving the bed early. They get up late when the sun, peeps through the pall of mist. Thife touch of the sun-rays make the birds and beasts happy. Farmers start going to the fields to begin their day's work. With the advancing sun, mist and fog disappear and the people shirk off the feeling of-cold to set about their daily duties. But a winter morning-becomes enjoyable when we are entertained with various items of delicious food such as various cakes, paes .prepared with date-juice, .and various delicious curries prepared with fishes. Those who are government and non-government employees have to get early in the morning. They ignoring all the sufferings of bitter cold, take preparation and start for their respective work-places. In a winter morning, people go through different experiences according to their economic background. Those who are poor cannot afford warm cloths and so suffer from the bitter cold. But the rich people enjoy sleep or staying under warm blanket. So, to the poor the sun-ray becomes more precious than gold.