wer the following questions to write a paragraph on 'Air Pollution'.

(a) Why is air important and essential? (b) What does air do for us? (c) How is air being polluted? (d) What are the things that are responsible for air pollution? (e) How can we prevent air pollution? (f) Why do we prevent air pollution?

AIR POLLUTION | Paragraph for JSC, SSC and HSC


Air is essential for our life, because it contains oxygen without which no living being can survive. It is so important for us that in absence of air, our life! will be at stake. It is being polluted now in different ways. Firstly, it is constantly being polluted by smoke from mills, factories and from carbon mono-oxide gases emitted by motor vehicles. Secondly, big cities have thousands of cars, buses and trucks plying all day long; These vehicles burn diesel and petrol which produce a lot of smoke and pollute air. Thirdly, overpopulation is another cause of air pollution. Fourthly,- railway engines and powerhouses burn coal and oil which produce smoke and thus air is polluted. The above mentioned items are basically responsible for air pollution. We can prevent air pollution by using engines that emit less or no smoke. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) does not pollute air. So, by converting the petrol engine to CNG engine, we can prevent air pollution. Mills and factories can also be run by electricity which does not pollute air. Moreover, a co-ordinated project on tree plantation may be undertaken. Polluted air is very harmful to our health; The most serious aspect of air pollution is its giving rise to the greenhouse effects. As a result of green house effects, the polar ice caps are melting and the water of sea-level is rising up. Consequently, the lower part of the earth may be flooded. Moreover; as a consequence of it, very often various natural calamities are hitting the world and wrecking a great havoc upon life and property. So, it is most necessary to take steps to lessen the emission of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases that cause air pollution. So, we should take all possible measures to prevent air pollution to get rid of this hazard.